In the past three decades our quest for excellence has resulted in more than 150 new products...

Since 1976, Salter Labs has positioned itself to approach both the hospital and home care markets with products reflecting both innovation and exceptional quality. From the designer‘s desk to the loading dock Salter people are satisfied with nothing less than excellence in the products we offer. We truly believe that Quality Care Begins with Quality Products.

This commitment has led to a new facility and the latest in high tech manufacturing equipment, all focused on keeping pace with the increased demand for products that not only excel in quality, but are unique in design characteristics.

At Salter, we engineer products to fit better and to last longer, while keeping a keen eye on helping contain the ever-rising cost of health care. We do it through creative design and use of superior quality and longer lasting materials.

We invite you in the sleep lab, hospital, or in the home care setting to benefit from our exceptional array of products, each of which reflects the same high level of quality that has always been synonymous with the name Salter.

Salter Labs is an ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 registered facility. More...

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ThermiSense Oral/Nasal Thermal Airflow Sensing System
Monitor Airflow by Thermal Resistive Technology in conjunction with Nasal Pressure with Salter Labs BiNAPS®.

Salter Style® Diagnostic Cannulas
Oral And Nasal Cannula with/without Divided Face Piece for Simultaneous Monitoring and Sampling
Salter Style® Diagnostic Cannulas
Dual, Oral and Nasal Airflow Pressure / Snore Monitoring Cannulas
Salter Style® Diagnostic Cannulas
Nasal Airflow Pressure/Snore Monitoring Cannula
Salter Style® Diagnostic Cannulas
Divided Cannula, Nasal Airflow Pressure / Snore Monitoring and Gas Sampling... Simultaneously
Salter-Lite™ Adult
Oral and Nasal Monitoring and Sampling cannula for Sleep Diagnostic Studies

Salter-Lite™ Infant and Pediatric
Oral and Nasal Monitoring and Sampling cannula for Sleep Diagnostic Studies

BiNAPS® Nasal Airflow Pressure and Snore Transducer
Monitor both Airflow and Snore via Salter Labs’ Sleep Diagnostic Cannulas

PRO2 Check Elite® Ultrasonic, Multifunction Oxygen Concentrator Indicator
Quality and accurately determine not only the percentage of oxygen delivered by O2 Concentrator but Output pressure in PSIG or KPA and Output flow rate in LPM.  No expensive fuel cells to replace.



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